Easy App Lets You Send And Schedule 100s To 1,000s Of WhatsApp™ Messages In Minutes!

Discover How We Use This To Increase Conversion Rates, Show Up Rates, Engagement, Sales, Abandon Cart Saves, And More...

How It Works In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Upload Phone Number List

Step 2: Compose Your Message

Step 3: Send It Out!

How We Increased Our Sales Conversions, Signups, Engagement, Show Up Rate, And Follow-Ups In A Click.

From Zamri Nanyan, Edmund Loh and June Ashley

If you are in business, marketing or sales (or all of these) then we don't have to tell you how important conversions and follow-ups are to your bottom-line.

Imagine the impact and change this means to any business if they can add an additional 10%... 20%... or double to triple their sales without putting in extra effort and hard work...

Well, that is humanly possible.

We know, because we speak from experience when we merely added WhatsApp to our marketing arsenal!

WhatsApp™ Is The World's No. 1 Messenger App. But Did Also You Know That...

There are more than 2 billion WhatsApp™ users, with 1.6 billion actively accessing this app monthly (as of 2020)
It is used in 180 countries and in 60 languages
65 billion messages are being sent on WhatsApp™ daily
There's 53% usage in United States alone
But only 5 million Businesses are using it for sales and marketing...

[Source: Oberlo]

That Said, There Are Problems And Challenges...

Whether you are having a webinar, live event or doing follow-ups... you don't want to send messages manually especially if you are dealing with volumes (that's a LOT of work!)
A lot of marketers and businesses use SMS or text marketing, but can we be frank about it? SMS has severe drawbacks including limited characters per message, continued cost for messaging and inferior response rate compared to WhatsApp™ (we'll cover this in detail below)
At the same time, you cannot just rely on just one or two channels to reach your audience in a landscape where people are easily distracted...

Introducing WOW Blaster, The WhatsApp™ Message Solution For Your Business.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 or later
DotNet 4.6 or higher
65MB free space
4GB RAM speed
Any active SIM Card
If Mac User: install Parallel desktop or Bootcamp

WOW Blaster is a software app that allows its user to easily broadcast WhatsApp™ messages to multiple leads in a go. This is especially useful for business owners, marketers and agents that want to reach out to their prospects and existing customer database.

And our own testing show that it's more than double the effectiveness of SMS and minus the hefty recurring usage expenses! (we'll get into more detail in our comparison study further below...)

Watch This Video To See How WOW Blaster Works

WOW Blaster Features

Manually add or Import Contacts from TXT or CSV files

Send WhatsApp™ messages in bulk (that's the whole idea!)

Personalize tags like Contact Name, Phone No and up to 5 tags

Attach files (image, video, PDF) within Message sent to Contacts

Save WhatsApp™ accounts to avoid scanning QR code again

Filter numbers that have and don't have WhatsApp™ Accounts

Auto generate detailed reports after sending messages

Grab contact numbers from Groups you joined and add to Sender list

Control delays or intervals between each message sent to contacts

Sleep function before re-activating sending messages again

Choose between "typing feel" style or "text inject"

Install and run from Windows Desktop Application

Autoreply WhatsApp: Add keyword rules to reply messages automatically

Easily build your own autoreply menu to create info center on WhatsApp

Speedily set autoreply keyword rules with photos and files

High Speed Filter: validate WhatsApp numbers by bulk in seconds

Up to 1,000 numbers per minute - avoids invalid WhatsApp contacts

Connection speed control reduces chance of WhatsApp number ban

Schedule your own sending date and time: autoresponder for WhatsApp!

Support Sending Campaigns using dual mode: safe and blind

Easily group your Contacts to send different messages

Who This Software Is For?

Internet Marketers
Webinar Presenters
Sales People
Anyone that wants to increase their conversions and engagement

How This Software Can Help Your Business?

Increase Show Up Rate For Live And Automated Webinars

Increase Show Up Rate For Seminars And Live Events

Boost Engagement And 2-Way Responses With Customers

Save Lost Sales From Abandoned Cart And Initiate Checkouts

Increase Sales, Signups, Registrations For Offers & Promos

New Marketing Service To Add Value To Your Agency Clients

Want To Send A Message To 1,000 Leads?

Side By Side Comparison WhatsApp™ vs SMS

As you can see, doing WhatsApp™ marketing is the smarter choice.

And with WOW Blaster, we enable for you a way to reach your leads, prospects, customers, mailing list, etc. faster and without having to do the manual work of messaging one by one.

All you need to do is get this software, install on your PC desktop or laptop, use a spare SIM card (easy to get) and just like that, you've opened a new channel to reach your prospects and customers!

Save Hundreds Or Thousands Of Dollars Every Month And Get Better Responses With WOW Blaster.

For the longest time, businesses have to accept the expensive recurring cost of SMS marketing together with its limitations.

WOW Blaster goes against all that.

Starting from RM399 just RM149 a year, you can leverage on the power of WhatsApp™ marketing to reach your contacts and list professionally.

And as an esteemed user of WOW Blaster, you are entitled to our software updates throughout your active use (and for as long as WhatsApp™ continues to be a thing)

And You Don't Have To Say 'Yes', A 'Maybe' Will Do...

Because we're giving you 30 days to test drive the software risk-free. We want you to be completely satisfied with WOW Blaster. If it doesn't meet your expectations, contact our support helpdesk and let us know. A full refund is available for cancellations made within 30 days from day of purchase. The bonuses will be yours to keep as a token for trying. Sounds fair?

Oh yeah, we just remembered about the Bonuses...

Act Now And Get These Fast Action Bonuses (May Be Removed At Any Time Without Notice)

If You Choose PRO Version: You Also Get The Following Pro Bonuses...

Total Value $1,152 Or RM4,600+
Yours FREE When You Act Today...

Get Your Instant Access To WOW Blaster Today

1 License Option Includes:

WOW Blaster (Windows Desktop Application)
License Key for 1 Device
Easy Quick Start User Guide
Bonus #1: Closed Door FB Group Lead Gen
Bonus #2: Digital Business Masterclass
Bonus #3: Traffic Mastery Program
Bonus #4: 40 Super E-mail Marketing Templates
Bonus #5: 40 Super FB Ad Templates
Bonus #6: WhatsApp(tm) Marketing Templates

Price RM399/Year Today Only

3 License Option (Best Value)

WOW Blaster (Windows Desktop Application)
License Key for 3 Device
Easy Quick Start User Guide
Bonus #1: Closed Door FB Group Lead Gen
Bonus #2: Digital Business Masterclass
Bonus #3: Traffic Mastery Program
Bonus #4: 40 Super E-mail Marketing Templates
Bonus #5: 40 Super FB Ad Templates
Bonus #6: WhatsApp(tm) Marketing Templates

Price RM1,197/Year Today Only

To Your Continued Success,

Zamri Nanyan

Edmund Loh

June Ashley

P.S. Wait, Did We Catch You Scrolling All The Way Down Here?

Alright, we'll give you the crash course version...

WOW Blaster is a desktop application software that enables you to send multiple WhatsApp™ messages in a go or in minutes.

That means no need to manually save contacts, and no need to do it 1 by 1 especially if you have lots of contacts to send out to.

Just copy paste the phone numbers list, write your message, send.

This is useful if you are doing things like webinars, live events, abandoned carts, prelaunch and launch, and if you are agency you can use this as an addon service for your B2B clients.

Now of course, please exercise common sense and don't spam random numbers (if we catch anyone do that, we will revoke the license and forfeit purchase) so like any marketing tool, please use it responsibly.

Because in the right hands, this is powerful. If you can boost your show up rates, or save sales... what's that mean to your business every month?

While other businesses have to be content with the limits of SMS, you don't have to with this unique solution.

So act now -  choose your plan and claim our fast action bonuses (while they're around)...

P.S. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which platform does WOW Blaster work on?

A: Windows desktop application. If you use Mac, install additional software such as Parallel Desktop or Bootcamp.

Q: Can I run this on mobile devices?

A: No, this software runs on only PC / Laptop.

Q: Is this software easy to learn and use?

A: Yes. The demonstration is in the video above. We also provide a quick start guide for you to install and run the software in the members area.

Q: What is a WOW Blaster License?

A: One license is for 1 PC or laptop. If you want to install the software on 2 different computers, then you need 2 licenses.

Q: Is the license transferable?

A: Yes. You must contact our support helpdesk with your purchase details to arrange for transfer to another device.

Q: Is my WhatsApp™ number safe from getting banned?

A: As we are a third party application provider, we cannot promise on their behalf that your number is absolutely safe. However in our experience, this can be easily avoided by reducing the speed of message broadcast (we show how to do that). We also don't recommend using important or personal numbers (use a spare SIM card)

Q: Can I use this software to service my Clients?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I use the software to send messages to just about anyone?

A: We are strongly against any form of abuse on this tool. When you broadcast messages, make sure it is permission-based marketing i.e. leads that signed up at your website or customers that already know you. Like anything else, use the tool responsibly.

All risks and consequences of misuse of this tool are the responsibility of the User, not the Vendor. We also reserve the right to revoke the license if we find the tool being abused for unintended purposes.

Q: Do you provide updates on WOW Blaster software?

A: We will continue to support updates as long as our system is accessible, unless the WhatsApp™ system is no longer accessible (stopped, blocked by government, etc.)

Q: Why is WOW Blaster an annual subscription, and do I have a choice to stop later?

A: We task developers to update the software every time there are significant changes in WhatsApp's back-office. So keeping the software functional comes with a cost. We've kept the pricing affordable by charging a nominal annual subscription for updates. And yes, you have the choice to stop your subscription at any time.

Q: How immediate can I get access to the WOW Blaster?

A: Right after making your purchase, you will be redirected to a page to create your account with us, then log into a secured members area.

If you missed this page by chance, you can still check your email for the account creation details.

And in case this doesn't work too - be sure to check your spam folder (maybe the email went there) or last resort, contact us by email or support helpdesk and we'll assist you. Provide your transaction details to speed up the verification process.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We want you to be completely satisfied with you purchase. If you're not satisfied with your experience in using WOW Blaster, contact our support helpdesk. The bonuses will be yours to keep as a token of trying. A full refund is available for cancellations made within 30 days from day of purchase. Refunds are not available for cancellations made 30 days after purchase.


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